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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 24.99% Apr good?

A 24.99% APR is a very high rate to be charged for anyone. If you have the ability, you should strive to pay off the balance of this credit card each month. You may be able to obtain a credit card with a much lower interest rate if you shop around. However, this will depend on your creditworthiness.

How to calculate APR on a credit card?

How to calculate your monthly APR. Calculating your monthly APR rate can be done in three easy steps: Step 1: Find your current APR and current balance in your credit card statement. Step 2: Divide your current APR by 12 (for the twelve months of the year) to find your monthly periodic rate. Step 3: Multiply that number with the amount of your ...

What is a regular purchase Apr?

The regular purchase APR will be a specific number of percentage points more than the index rate, called the margin. If the prime rate is 12% and the margin is 2%, the variable APR will be 14%, but if the prime rate rises to 12.75%, your variable APR will be 14.75%. However, the issuer will have to notify you if it increases the margin.

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