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Frequently Asked Questions

What is continuity and change in history?

This is known as continuity. Although continuity is important in the study of history, historians also recognize that society is constantly undergoing change. The following is an example of a historic passage that focuses on the historical theme of Continuity and Change.

What is the meaning of 'continuity'?

Continuity. Not all things change over time, some things remain the same across long periods in time, sometimes lasting into the modern world. ‘Continuity’ refers to things that stay the same, relatively unchanged, over time.

What is continuity over time example?

Continuity refers to the continuance of themes over time, or similarities over time. For example, in the 1800s there was conflict between those who had money and those who didn’t, and in the 1900s there was yet another conflict between those who had money and those who did not. This is a continuity. What is change and continuity over time?

What is the change and continuity dichotomy?

Change and continuity is a classic dichotomy within the fields of history, historical sociology, and the social sciences more broadly. The dichotomy is used to discuss and evaluate the extent to which a historical development or event represents a decisive historical change or whether a situation remains largely unchanged.

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