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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of a heart murmur?

Heart murmurs can also be caused by issues with the heart, including endocarditis, valve calcification, or other heart valve abnormalities. Depending on the severity of the murmur, the cause of the murmur, and other underlying heart conditions, the symptoms you notice may vary.

What are the symptoms of a heart murmur?

Some people who have heart murmurs don’t have any noticeable symptoms. Depending on the cause of the heart murmur, you may have: A bluish tint to your skin. Chronic (long-lasting) cough. Fainting (syncope). Fatigue. Fluid retention and swelling ( edema) in your legs. Lightheadedness or dizziness.

What are some treatments for a heart murmur?

Some abnormal heart murmurs can be managed with medication. Some common medications used to treat heart murmurs include the following: beta blockers or ACE inhibitors —medications that lower your blood pressure aspirin or warfarin —these medications are anti-coagulants because they help prevent blood clots from forming

Are there different types of heart murmurs?

Heart murmurs are classified based on when they happen in a heartbeat: Systolic: This type of murmur occurs when your heart muscle contracts (tightens). Diastolic: This type of murmur occurs when your heart muscle relaxes. Continuous: A continuous heart murmur happens during both contraction and relaxation of your heart muscle.

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