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Frequently Asked Questions

What is creepypasta?

Creepypasta originally referred to short user-generated horror stories that were copied and pasted across the internet; the term has since become a catch-all term for horror content posted onto the internet.

What are the most popular creepypasta characters?

Another popular one of the most popular Creepypasta characters is, Eyeless Jack again a character created as a response to a creepy image posted online. Appearing as an almost featureless face wearing a dark hoodie, Eyeless Jack is said to appear in the bedroom of his victims standing at the foot of the bed.

What are some lost episode creepypastas?

These supposedly lost episodes often focus on suicide or imply the viewer will suffer great harm. Some lost episode creepypastas focus on local public access shows rather than nationally syndicated shows. Notable examples include Squidward's Suicide, Suicidemouse.avi, Dead Bart, and Max and Ruby 0004.

Do videos count as creepypasta's?

Videos do count as creepypasta's. My 3rd favorite Creepypasta ever. I love the story and the way he looks and his time with Marble Hornets. I love Masky's use of weapons. That song sounds like 60s AC/DC lol. That song it sounds like this: oahoaaoaooahaohaoahaoaho.

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