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Frequently Asked Questions

What does westward(s) mean?

westward (Noun) The western region or countries; the west. Etymology: westweard. westward (Adverb) Toward the west; as, to ride or sail westward. Westward the course of empire takes its way. -George Berkeley. Etymology: westweard. westward (Adjective) Lying toward the west. Yond same star that's westward from the pole. -William Shakespeare. Etymology: westweard.

What were the causes of westward movement?

Reasons for Moving West There was a vast amount of land that could be obtained cheaply Great reports were continually sent back East about how fruitful and wonderful the West is, sparking a lot of interest. The constraints of European civilization had a lot of people stuck in factory and other low-paid jobs. ... More items...

What was the westward movement?

The Westward Movement was one of the greatest human migrations in history. It was a giant movement of people from all over the earth into nearly 2 million square miles newly acquired by the United States.

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