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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best dresses to wear at a wedding?

For men, a formal wedding dress would be a dark suit and tie for daytime weddings while for formal evening weddings, wear black tie attire or a tuxedo. If you are expected to wear a semi formal attire, then a dark-colored suit is the ideal pick for you for both daytime as well as evening wedding.

Do flower girl dresses have to match the bride?

Traditionally speaking, flower girl dresses should match the bride in some way (i.e. ivory or white, depending on what the bride is wearing). Think of the flower girl dress like a mini version of your wedding dress (although you certainly don’t have to stick with tradition).

Can guests wear white dresses to a wedding?

Believe it or not, etiquette books say yes to guests wearing white (and black, and even red), as long as the fabric and cut of the dress aren't bridal at all. But our stand is a little bit different.

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