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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebPT?

With 40% market share, WebPT is the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth.

What is WebPT EMR?

And piece by piece, WebPT—a web-based physical therapy EMR —was born. WebPT officially launched in 2008. Within three years, this cloud-based idea grew into the leading physical therapy software on the market.

Why WebPT for outpatient therapy?

We’ve got you. Our all-encompassing solution handles every aspect of the outpatient therapy business. WebPT is fully HIPAA-secure, and with our integrated functional limitation and MIPS reporting, KX modifier and NCCI edit alerts, and 8-minute rule features, you’ll stay compliant while reducing errors and improving claim acceptance.

Why choose connectconnect WebPT?

Connect WebPT with your organization’s existing systems. Get the therapy products your practice needs at a discount. More than a physical therapy EMR—a true business partner. We’ve spent over a decade innovating and optimizing our entire suite of products and services—all based on direct customer feedback. Here’s how we differ from the rest.

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