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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Waterpik ultra water flosser really work?

The claim of the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser is that it has been clinically proven to be far superior than conventional flossing. They also say that they can clean and massage your gums. This is an often overlooked aspect to proper dental care, and many people think just brushing your teeth is enough.

Does Waterpik water flosser remove plaque properly?

Yes, there is ample proof that Waterpik removes plaque. In fact, there have been many studies which proved the effectiveness of Waterpik at removing plaque. In one study, it showed more effectiveness than dental floss at removing plaque, and what's more, it also exhibited more efficiency at reducing gingivitis and gum bleeding.

Is a Waterpik or electric toothbrush better?

When comparing a Waterpik sonic toothbrush vs Sonicare, Sonicare still ultimately wins. I do believe overall Sonicare brushes are better from a design, clean, innovation and general experience point of view. They include more of the features users desire of a product, but the Waterpik electric toothbrushes are still very good.

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