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Frequently Asked Questions

How does watermark compare to other mortgage lenders?

Compared to other lenders, Watermark offers a higher-than-average number of mortgage types, including jumbo loans, interest-only loans and reverse mortgages. Watermark Home Loans also offers $0 application fee and $0 closing costs mortgage options for eligible borrowers. Compare top brands by home loan type, state availability and credit score.

Is watermark good for first time homebuyers?

Watermark Home Loans may be a solid option for first-time homebuyers with its government-backed options and borrowers looking for jumbo loans of up to $10 million. But watch out for surprise fees at closing. No reviews yet. Write a review

What kind of company is watermark?

We are a nationwide Mortgage Banker and Broker that provides conventional, FHA, VA and Jumbo refinance and purchase home loans. I just completed a refi with Watermark. Everything went well except for the time frame. Because it was a refi, the timing wasn't hugely important, but it felt like I had to call every few weeks.

What do you need to apply for a watermark home loan?

To apply for a mortgage from Watermark Home Loans, you’ll need: Last two years of business tax returns for self-employed borrowers with more than 25% ownership Watermark Home Loans doesn’t publish all its fees online. But its website advertises that it has a $0 application fee available.

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