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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best VR app to watch movies with friends?

Best VR apps to watch movies with friends. 1 1. CINEVR. CINEVR is the closest you can get to going to a movie theater without actually leaving your home. With daily screenings of recently ... 2 2. Plex VR. 3 3. Skybox VR Player. 4 4. Bigscreen VR. 5 5. Netflix VR. More items

How to watch VR movies with friends long distance?

You can share the screen with your pals in 1080p resolution at 30 fps. Another app that lets you watch VR movies with up to 3 long-distance friends is Plex VR. You can sit in a virtual living room, each of you with their own Google Daydream headsets and watch movies together regardless of your geographical location.

How can I watch VR movies on my computer?

There are several ways to do this: Connect your VR headset to your PC, download your app of choice to your PC, and then stream the movie from there Many VR apps include social features that turn watching VR videos into a communal experience. Some can even render virtual movie theaters that allow you to “sit” beside your friends and watch together.

What can you watch on Bigscreen VR?

With Bigscreen VR, you can watch movies, news channels, Twitch, sports games, and free live TV channels in your headset. When you rent movies directly from Bigscreen, they’ll be functional in both 2D and 3D. Once you rent a movie, you’ll create a private viewing room to screen it.

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