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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tubi have live TV?

Part of this is because Tubi is not showing Live TV. So you aren't seeing ads on shows that are on CBS, CNN, or any other channel. Instead these are Tubi's own ads. Additionally, Tubi doesn't have...

Is Tubi TV really free?

Tubi is completely free to use. A credit card isn't needed to start watching content on Tubi. Tubi is free to watch because it is paid for by advertising commercials consumers see. The ads are shown during movies and TV shows in short ad breaks at 12-15 minute intervals. Even though you can skip through a movie, you cannot skip through the ads.

Is Tubi TV good?

While you may not be able to find the latest and greatest content, Tubi TV is worth serious consideration if you're looking to enjoy streaming content without a monthly bill. There is not any original content, but there are thousands of hours' worth of material from major content producers.

Is Tubi TV legal?

Yes! Tubi is a legal free video streaming application. To keep our service legal and free, we include ads, which monetize the content that our partners, such as MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount, provide to us! If you create an account, you can create a queue and access your viewed history.

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