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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Degrassi a good show?

Like the O.C. for example, is such a typical show. Degrassi gives you what you expect in a realistic way.This is truly a great show, and everyone should get the chance to watch it sometime. I only wish I was around when the original Degrassi's were being made, because I'm sure I would have loved them as well.

When is season 5 of Degrassi Next Class?

Season 1 launched in January 2016, season 2 in July 2016, season 3 in January 2017 and season 4 in July 2017. Given the series has to do a fortnight run on the original network in Canada first, season 5 of Degrassi: Next Class will almost certainly be on Netflix by mid-January 2018.

Where can you watch Degrassi online?

You can currently stream seasons 1 to 13 of TNG online on Youtube. Yes, Degrassi has an official channel that lets you watch online for free whenever you like. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to relive your childhood and binge hundreds of hours filled with teenage angst and insane drama.

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