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Frequently Asked Questions

What did the Truman Doctrine and the policy of containment show?

What the Truman Doctrine and the policy of containment showed the world was that the United States was willing to do almost anything to stop the spread of communism. For the U.S., the "iron curtain" had spread far enough, and it needed to be stopped.

How successful was the containment policy?

The containment policy had been quite successful in the initial stages. Politically, the Truman Doctrine was to provide funding, weapons and supplies to governments who were fighting against the communist threat. It successfully helped Greece and Turkey in resisting a communist takeover.

What is an example of containment in US history?

Communism, must go ‘no farther'” (Ross 34). Truman’s policy was known as the Truman Doctrine, an example of containment. The Truman Doctrine was a policy to get rid of communism by giving military and economic aid to countries who had the desire of becoming “free”.

How did the Truman Doctrine change American foreign policy?

Out of the Truman Doctrine came the National Security Act of 1947 which reorganized the military and foreign policy of the United States. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was also formed out of the National Security Act. The Truman Doctrine paved the way for American containment of communism.

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