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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of warranty management in SAP?

Warranty management in SAP plays a crucial role across industries since it allows automatic tracking of product/services under warranty period and as well re-imbursement of claim expenses with in validity.

How to assign number range for warranty claim document?

Assign Number Range for Claim Type Similar to other Sales Documents, number range to be assigned for warranty claim document. Refer following path for configuring the same. OWTY ==> Warranty Claim ==> Processing ==> Define Number Ranges for Warranty Claims. 3. Define Decision Codes

What is the process of warranty claim?

Warranty Process Flow: For reference purpose, if we consider automotive industry, a warranty claim will occur when a repair is being carried out on a vehicle or for a return of a defective part (from dealer stock or sold and returned to the dealership).

What is the output type for warranty credit notes?

In case business has requirement to have an output (Print/Mail) for warranty credit notes, output determination procedure needs to be configure similar to output determination in SD area. Only difference here is, output type is assigned to FI documents generated for the claim.

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