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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a Xbox One controller?

Press the Sync button on the wireless dongle for Xbox One controllers connected to your computer. Turn your Xbox One controller on, and quickly press the Sync button on it before it automatically turns off. Wait for the controller to be re-paired with your computer, and check to see whether or not the issue persists once it has been re-paired.

Can I Fix my Xbox One controller?

There are two potential ways to fix an Xbox One Bumper when it breaks. You can either buy new casing or fix your Xbox One Controller bumper by gluing the pieces back together. Depending on the condition of your button, you can go with either one. The easiest way to fix a broken bumper on your Xbox One controller is by super gluing the broken piece.

Does the Xbox One come with a warranty?

All Xbox One consoles automatically come with a 1 year warranty, and 90 day warranty for accessories. If you want more than 1 year, you have to buy it. You get a refurbished console if you send it in, unless the store you bought it from offers to give you a new one.

What is the warranty on the Xbox One?

Standard limited warranty for Xbox One controllers is 90 days; the standard limited warranty for your Xbox is longer. If you bought a Microsoft Complete extended service plan, your controller is covered for up to two exchanges within three years of buying the plan.

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