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Frequently Asked Questions

What are closeout wallpapers?

Our Closeout Wallpapers are patterns that have been reduced in price for liquidation. As with our other discount wallpapers, closeout wallpaper is guaranteed to be 1st quality, and samples are generally available. ...

How many wallpaper patterns does wallpaper wholesaler offer?

It is fun to explore the possibilities of each by looking through the room scenes, or vignettes, with our sites Vignette Search. Wallpaper Wholesaler offers over 300,000 wallpaper patterns in every color and style you could possibly ever want.

Why choose wallpaper warehouse?

The Wallpaper Warehouse site was easy to use and they had thousands of patterns to chose from. Ordering was a snap, price was reasonable, and my wallpaper arrived on time. Will definitely order from them again!

What kind of wallpaper is used in commercial buildings?

These wallcoverings and wallpapers are produced specifically for use in commercial buildings. They're manufactured to meet requirements for flammability, abrasion resistance, scrubbability, and stain resistance. Grasscloth wallpaper brings a truly unique look and feel to your walls.

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