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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wall clock?

A wall clock is a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to any wall. These clocks come in gorgeous modern and traditional designs that will add style to your walls while keeping you on schedule. Decorative clocks are available in the standard circular shape, modern squares, rectangles and a handle of other irregular shapes.

Where should decorative clocks be placed?

Decorative clocks can be placed on the wall in any room with blank wall space. Not only do they look nice, but by being placed in strategic spots around the home, they'll help you to remain on schedule at all times. Because they are battery operated, they can be hung on just about any wall with no wires or outlet needed.

Does Crate & Barrel have an app?

Crate & Barrel has an app that can be downloaded from the Apple store. The Crate & Barrel app makes it easy to shop anywhere and at any time that’s convenient for you. It also provides quick access to your Crate & Barrel credit card information, order information and rewards.

Does the Crate & Barrel offer free curbside pickup?

The Crate & Barrel in Edmonton, Alberta offers free contactless curbside pickup for online orders at no additional cost. To take advantage, follow these steps: Add items to your cart.

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