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Frequently Asked Questions

Is T Rex the strongest dinosaur?

World’s most strongest dinosaur & World’s most powerful dinosaur T-rex is easily the most popular of the dinosaurs and with good reason. Until recently it was thought to be the biggest baddest carnivore ever to live on land. One of the largest theropods ever at about 40 feet long this dino had huge bone crunching teeth, like the size of bananas.

What dinosaur would the Tyrannosaurus rex have been afraid of?

Studies show that no dinosaur could match the power of T.rex, the apex predator of the Cretaceous. There are, however, some dinosaurs like Spinosaurus, Triceratops, and Sauropods that pose a danger to T.rex. Diseases like avian infection and cancer tumors may have been the greatest natural enemy of T.rex.

Could a Stegosaurus have ever fought a Tyrannosaurus rex?

Tyrannosaurus Rex did not prey on Stegosaurus. Stegosaurus is from the Jurassic Period, but Tyrannosaurus is from the Cretaceous Period. But if they fought, its more of a 70:30 chance, tipping towards Stegosaurus. The Stegosaurus could scare off Tyrannosaurus with its plates or threaten it with its spike-tail.

Did humans walk with Dinosaurs?

Modern humans have been around for less than a million years, and older humans less than 2 million years. So, the ONLY way humans ever walked with dinosaurs is if we call birds dinosaurs, which, in a way, they are. Origin of birds - Wikipedia Snoring problems? Try this tonight.

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