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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change your address on voter registration?

To change your voter registration address in person or by mail, you can either: Write your new address on the back of your current voter registration certificate. Complete a new voter registration application and check the “change" box.

What is the deadline for voter registration in Ohio?

Ohio’s deadline for voter registration is April 9, a month before the May 8 primary election. Residents will vote one U.S. senator into office as well as 16 representatives for the U.S. House. Voters will also have to decide on their state governor, 17 state Senate seats and all 99 of their state House representatives.

How do I Change my Voter registration party?

Change your registration in person at your local voter registration office. This may be a branch location of your county registrar's office. Simply fill out the form and hand it in. Apply online. Go to your secretary of state's website or the website of your county's registrar.

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