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Frequently Asked Questions

What is national voter registration day and why is it important?

National Voter Registration Day is a holiday celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of every September. It's goal is to focus attention on the importance of registering to vote and voting in our democracy during a single day of on-the-ground and digital efforts lead by government, nonprofits, and businesses.

When is national voter registration day 2021?

National Voter Registration Day 2021 is September 28! Back by popular demand, our Webinar Series is ready and able to equip you with the skills, tools, and know-how to register voters this September! RSVP to upcoming presentations or re-watch our library of webinars from 2020.

How do I “conditionally register to vote”?

You have the opportunity to “conditionally” register to vote and vote provisionally at your local county elections office. Contact your local county elections official for more information or visit Conditional Voter Registration.

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