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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if I am a registered voter?

Check your registration status by entering your information into the Voter Search, also known as the “voter lookup.” You will need to submit your first and last name. To narrow your search results, you can add more information, such as your year of birth or county, but that is optional.

How do I view the voter registration database in Massachusetts?

Any person may view the statewide voter registration database at the state records and archives office, but the person may not print, duplicate, transmit, or alter the data. Name, domicile address, mailing address, town or city, voter history, and party affiliation.

Where can I get a list of voters?

A list of voters is provided to the clerk of the U.S. District Court and to state political parties for free. All information on the voter registration form.

How do I search for voters who have been removed or denied?

No Results Found To Expand Your Search Try searching withouta year of birth. Try searching withouta middle initial. Search a previous county of residence. Search ALL counties. Search with voter's previous name. Select the “Removed or Denied” Voter Status checkbox. Use a “Sounds Like” search. To Narrow Your Search

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