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Frequently Asked Questions

What is voteforward?

Vote Forward is a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to empower grassroots volunteers to encourage their fellow citizens in underrepresented communities to vote.

How can vote forward help get out the vote?

We’ve shown that Vote Forward letters can boost voter turnout by as much as 3.4 percentage points. This is big! Our handwritten letters are among the most effective ways you can help get out the vote.

How many votes does vote forward have?

Extrapolated to the program as a whole, it translates to 126,000 net votes. Under the banner of Vote Forward Labs, we conduct rigorous experiments to learn what works and evolve our approach. Vote Forward is a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit organization.

How do I register to be a vote forward volunteer?

Go to, and register for a volunteer account using your email address, your Facebook account, or your Google account. Tip: Make sure you always log in to your Vote Forward account using the same method that you used to register to ensure continued access to your account.

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