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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record my voice on the computer?

Using Sound Recorder Open Sound Recorder. Click the Start button. Start recording. In the Sound Recorder window, click Start Recording, the button with the red dot. Sing, say, or voice whatever you want recorded. The green bar will move back and forth to let you know it's capturing the recording. Stop recording.

Why does your voice sound different on a voice recorder?

Since the sound of your voice originates from your head, the dominant signal is from bone conduction, which gives the sound of your own voice a deeper tone or bias. However, when you hear your own voice via a recording, the bone conduction signal is no longer dominant, and your voice will sound higher pitched than you are used to.

How do I record my voice microphone?

Record Your Voice. Step. Click the Start button to open the Start menu. Type "Sound Recorder" (without the parentheses) to launch the Windows Sound Recorder. Hold one of the earpieces of the headphones close to your mouth, and click Sound Recorder's "Start Recording" button.

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