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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use voiceover scripts to practice voice acting?

The voiceover scripts you see here are just a small selection handful from our full voiceover script library. You can use them as scripts to practice voice acting. As a comprehensive voice acting training platform, Voiceover Kickstart covers everything from how to start a voice acting through to expert advice on developing a voiceover career.

How do screenwriters use voice-over narration?

Too often, screenwriters use voice-over as a kind of exposition. They see voice-over as an easy way to convey necessary information. This is generally the wrong way to approach the use of voice over. Great movie voice-over narration shows as it tells. The voice-over does not merely tell us details that we need to know about the plot.

What is voice-over narrative?

Voice-over narration is often reflective. A character tells us their story. They look back on a moment or a time. Or even the whole of their life. This is immediately engaging because we wonder why this person wants us to know their story. We know something must have happened for them to need to tell us their story.

Is voice-over narration a trap for telling rather than showing?

The problem is that voice-over narration is a classic trap for telling rather than showing. With voice-over narration, someone is telling us, as an audience, pieces of information that we could be seeing. This is the fundamental problem. Too often, screenwriters use voice-over as a kind of exposition.

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