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Frequently Asked Questions

What is voiceattack?

Voice-activated control for your PC games and apps. Get started now with a FREE trial. WHAT DOES VOICEATTACK DO? Add your voice as an extra controller with voice commands that YOU create. Give specific instructions to your space freighter, your race pit crew, your mech or your druid and give life and immersion to your games like never before.

How do you use invoke voice attack?

Invoke your created commands with a click of one or more mouse buttons, the press of joystick buttons or a hotkey combo on your keyboard. Use VoiceAttack to augment or even replace some of that expensive macro-enabled hardware you have been wanting to give away.

How do I create a shortcut to voiceattack?

To create a shortcut directly to VoiceAttack, first navigate to its installation directory. This can be done from your Steam library; Right-click "VoiceAttack" in your "SOFTWARE" list and choose "Properties" in the context menu: Click the "LOCAL FILES" tab, then click "Browse..."

How do I download and install voiceattack?

Now you can enter "VoiceAttack" into the search field marked by the magnifying glass: Select the "VoiceAttack" item in that list and click the "INSTALL" button on the library page, or right-click the "VoiceAttack" item in that list and choose "Install App...":

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