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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add keybinds to voiceattack?

Watch the video and it says you can add any keybinds you like. I personally just followed it so I got all the keys required. the new packs you just add your binds as normal, then in voiceattack say 'import my binds' and a macro will grab the last editted ed binds file and import it into the voiceattack profile. Ok, nevermind.

How do I use Elite Dangerous bindings with voice attack?

He suggests creating a layer of 'keybind commands' which perform the actions that you have set up in the Elite Dangerous bindings file using the Controls panel on the main menu. Then, when you want to do something in VoiceAttack, you create a command which executes one or more of these lower level keybind commands.

What is a voiceattack a command?

A command is simply a word or phrase you are going to say to VoiceAttack. When VoiceAttack recognizes the command that you say, it will perform a series of actions (which can be keyboard key presses, pauses, mouse clicks, application launches, sound effects, etc.).

How do I use variables in voiceattack?

So, in VoiceAttack (later betas), you can have a key (or keys) pressed based on a variable. At the bottom of the keypress screen, you will see an input box that will allow you to specify what variable to use. Before, you would have, 'L' selected at the top of the screen.

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