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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the binded plugin with voiceattack?

Use at your own peril ;) The bindED plugin was created to copy the keyboard key bind information for Elite: Dangerous directly into VoiceAttack keypress variables. The variables can then be used in conjunction with key press actions within VoiceAttack (the latest betas of VoiceAttack allow for keypresses based on variables).

Is there a way to create a keybind for voice attacks?

It's all explained in his tutorial. As an example, you could create a command in VoiceAttack called ' ( (BalancePower)) - Keybind', using Dizzy B's terminology, and then create a second command which is triggered when you say 'Balance Power'.

How do I use Elite Dangerous bindings with voice attack?

He suggests creating a layer of 'keybind commands' which perform the actions that you have set up in the Elite Dangerous bindings file using the Controls panel on the main menu. Then, when you want to do something in VoiceAttack, you create a command which executes one or more of these lower level keybind commands.

What is the point of it's voice attack function?

It loads the binds from the game into VoiceAttack variables so you can reference them by function rather than by keypress directly. I thought it was supposed to be a simple way of making voice commands out of the bindings file. The idea is to make the keybinds within VoiceAttack correspond to the ingame binds.

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