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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best college in Louisiana for vocational education?

2017's Best Vocational & Trade Schools in Louisiana Delgado Community College Central Louisiana Technical Community College Northshore Technical Community College South Louisiana Community College Northwest Louisiana Technical College Louisiana Delta Community College Louisiana State University-Eunice Nunez Community College

How many classrooms are on the Shreveport campus?

The Shreveport Campus is comprised of 6 buildings and has 68 classroom and labs. Technical Diploma in Office Systems Technology Nothwest Louisiana Technical Community ... Bachelors of Science in Workforce Education and Development Southern Illinois Universi...

What are the best loans for vocational school students in Louisiana?

Although a private lender, Sallie Mae administers the Career Training Smart Option Loans that is especially set up for vocational school students. The program offers competitive interest rates. The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance maintains several student aid programs earmarked specifically for vocational school students.

Is ABC bartending school in Shreveport LA?

Enrollment: ABC Bartending School has facilities around the USA and one of its schools is available in Shreveport, LA.

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