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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run Visual Studio?

To run your program Use one of the following methods to run your program. Visual Studio runs your program, and a window called Form1 appears. Go back to the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), and look at the new toolbar. Use one of the following methods to stop your program.

How do I update Visual Studio installer?

Update by using the Visual Studio Installer Open the installer. You might need to update the installer before continuing. On the Product page in the installer, look for the edition of Visual Studio that you have installed. If an update is available, you see an Update button.

How do I upgrade Visual Studio?

Update by using the Notifications hub When there are updates, there's a corresponding notification flag in Visual Studio. Choose the notification flag to open the Notifications hub. Choose "Visual Studio Update" is available, which opens the Extensions and Updates dialog box. In the Extensions and Updates dialog box, choose the Update button.

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