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Frequently Asked Questions

What is visual acuity and why is it important?

Visual acuity (VA) is a measure of the ability of the eye to distinguish shapes and the details of objects at a given distance. It is important to assess VA in a consistent way in order to detect any changes in vision.

Are there any risks associated with a visual acuity test?

No risks are associated with visual acuity tests, and you don’t need any special preparation. Purpose of the test You may need an eye exam if you feel you’re experiencing a vision problem or your vision has changed. A visual acuity test is one part of a comprehensive eye exam.

What is dynamic visual acuity and how is It measured?

"Dynamic visual acuity" defines the ability of the eye to visually discern fine detail in a moving object. Measurement considerations. Visual acuity measurement involves more than being able to see the optotypes. The patient should be cooperative, understand the optotypes, be able to communicate with the physician, and many more factors.

What is the difference between acuity and prescription?

Acuity is a measure of visual performance and does not relate to the eyeglass prescription required to correct vision. Instead, an eye exam seeks to find the prescription that will provide the best corrected visual performance achievable.

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