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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate vision acuity?

Change in visual acuity is calculated directly by subtracting LogMAR data, while the average visual acuity is obtained with the arithmetic mean value of the LogMAR data. The mean acuity expressed in LogMAR units can be transformed into a decimal chart for a more comprehensive result. To calculate the average visual acuity directly from the decimal data, the geometric mean value must be used instead of the arithmetic mean value.

What is the purpose of a visual acuity test?

Purpose of the test. A visual acuity test is one part of a comprehensive eye exam. Children frequently take visual acuity tests. Early testing and detection of vision problems can prevent issues from getting worse. Optometrists, driver’s license bureaus, and many other organizations use this test to check your ability to see.

How to take visual acuity?

Visual acuity is essentially the clarity and sharpness with which you see things, i.e. how well you can see. It is a measure of how well your eye and your brain can distinguish spatial resolution. It is one of the ways that visual function is measured.

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