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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure visual acuity?

Visual acuity is measured by a psychophysical procedure and as such relates the physical characteristics of a stimulus to a subject's percept and his/her resulting responses. Measurement can be by using an eye chart invented by Ferdinand Monoyer, by optical instruments, or by computerized tests like the FrACT.

How to take visual acuity?

Visual acuity is essentially the clarity and sharpness with which you see things, i.e. how well you can see. It is a measure of how well your eye and your brain can distinguish spatial resolution. It is one of the ways that visual function is measured.

What does visual acuity require glasses?

If you cannot meet the vision screening standard, you must have a minimum visual acuity in at least one eye better than 20/200 (best corrected). You may wear glasses or contact lenses to meet the minimum visual acuity standard but you cannot wear a bioptic telescopic or similar lens.

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