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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the preschool (Allen) acuity test?

Preschool (Allen) Acuity Test Cards. The Preschool Test is a valid index of visual acuity recorded in terms of a 30-foot denominator. It is intended for Pre-school children and has given reliable results from the age of two years and up. The Preschool / Allen Test is also useful for mas screening or for individual testing.

What is a visual acuity test?

Eye charts are the most common method of visual acuity testing. They show several rows of optotypes (letters, numbers, or symbols) that get progressively smaller towards the bottom. The most frequently used eye charts used are the Snellen Chart (left) and Tumbling E Chart (right). How is a Visual Acuity Test Performed?

What is the VAS score for visual acuity?

The Visual Acuity Score (VAS) provides a convenient scale to estimate visual abilities. On this scale 20/20 is rated as 100; on charts with a logarithmic progression each line is worth 5 points and each letter read is 1 point.

What is the difference between Snellen and Allen figure testing?

At visual acuity levels of 20/60 or better, Allen figure testing averaged 1.5 lines better than Snellen letter testing; between 20/70 and 20/200 visual acuities, the difference was 2.5 lines.

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