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Frequently Asked Questions

How many degrees of vision do you need for 4K?

Sitting at a distance where the screen fills 30° of your horizontal field of view should be comfortable for most people. Here is 20 degrees field of vision. Here is 30 degrees field of vision. Do you see the difference? Higher field of view was first made possible with Full HD resolutions, but 4k enhances that ability even more.

Is 60 pixels per degree resolution enough for 4K?

Recently I say a viewing distance chart for 4K, 1080p , 720 and lower resolutions. However, it was based on premise that angular resolution of 60 pixels per degree is enough.

What is visual acuity and how does it work?

Visual acuity is dependent on a combination of optical and neural elements, including: 1 The health and functionality of the retina 2 How sharply the retina forms images 3 How well your brain can interpret sensory inputs

How close to a TV can you sit to see 4K resolution?

What the chart shows is that, for a 84-inch screen, 4k resolution isn’t fully apparent until you are at least 5.5 feet or closer to the screen. For a “tiny” 55-inch screen, you’ll need to be 3.5 feet or closer. Needless to say, most consumers aren’t going to sit close enough to see any of extra resolution 4k offers, much less 8k.

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