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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Visby CF font?

Visby CF Font is a geometric typeface inspired by the stark beauty and crisp air of the Arctic. Friendly and charismatic in lowercase; sophisticated and authoritative in uppercase. Hard lines and sharp corners mesh with smooth, rounded letterforms, while humanist nuances add a little warmth.

What is Visby round CF heavy?

The Visby Round CF Heavy font is a great choice to increase the prominence in your project. Although the typography is traditional, the basic elements are great. See how to download Visby Round CF Heavy for free! Visby Round CF Heavy is the perfect font for all your fun designs. The font subfamily is Heavy.

Is Visby CF a trademark of connary Fagen?

Access over 10,000+ Commercial Fonts with Download Now Visby CF is a trademark of Connary Fagen.'s fonts are uploaded by our members.

What's new in version 4 of Visby?

Version 4 adds a host of improvements, including redrawn and improved letterforms and punctuation, a bolder heavy weight, revised and expanded kerning, additional and improved language support, and improved handling in the Figma design app. Visby CF Sans Serif Font is provided to you by Connary Fagen. Free for personal, non-profit use.

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