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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a foot view?

This view demonstrates the location and extent of fractures in the foot and joint space abnormalities. It is also used in the determination of osteomyelitis and examination of foreign bodies. the affected leg must be flexed enough that the plantar aspect of the foot is resting on the image receptor

What does the medial oblique view of the foot show?

♦ Medial oblique or external oblique view of foot: This view shows the medial column of foot, navicular, medial cuneiform, first metatarsal and its articulations ( Figs. 2.5 and 2.6 ). Fig. 2.5 Positioning for taking external oblique or medial oblique view of foot.

What are the weight-bearing views of the foot?

♦ AP, LAT, and oblique weight-bearing views of foot: These views are important to define subtle injuries of the midfoot, stages of flat foot, and deformation in neuropathic foot. Measurements of various angles for treating hallux valgus are also done through these views ( Figs. 2.16 and 2.17).

What is a comparative view of the foot?

Comparative views are commonly used for planning as well as intraoperative analysis of ankle, midfoot, and Lisfranc injuries. ♦ Midfoot X-ray projection: It is mandatory to keep the X-ray beam perpendicular to the midfoot and not to the floor for precise projection of midfoot.

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