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Frequently Asked Questions

Why view?

Your browser doesn't support HTML5 video tag. Why View? Reduce eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness by over 50%. Boost productivity View was built on the understanding that natural light is required to live a healthy and productive life. We also recognized that ordinary windows are far from optimal, and unable to reduce glare and heat effectively.

What is the meaning of view?

1 : opinion sense 1 In his view, the plan will fail. 2 : all that can be seen from a certain place The house has a view of the lake. 3 : range of vision There is no one in view.

What is the meaning of “You also use viewto refer”?

You also use viewto refer to what you can see from a window or high place. From the top there is a fine view. The window of her flat looked out on to a superb viewof London.

What are the benefits of viewview smart windows?

View Smart Windows automatically adjust in response to the sun to increase natural light and access to views, to improve people’s health and wellness by significantly reducing headaches, eyestrain and drowsiness, while simultaneously saving energy.

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