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What were the Victorian beliefs?

Superstitious Beliefs of Victorian Society Mirrors. Many Victorians believed that mirrors held special powers in relation to the spirit. ... Funeral Processions. The superstition surrounding Victorian death did not end once the body was removed from the home. ... Clocks. Clocks were believed to hold a special relationship to life and death in the Victorian era. ... Death Omens. ...

What was the Victorian etiquette?

The Victorian Era. Etiquette. Etiquette during the Victorian Era is similiar to modern day etiquette. It follows along the lines of, "Be courteous as often and well as you can, be appreciative, don't be a nuisance, and always put your best foot forward.". In essence, maintain yourself to the best of your ability and avoid being rude at all costs.

What does Victorian style mean?

Victorian style, in British and American architecture, an eclectic mode based on the revival of older styles, often in new combinations. Although the style is named after the reign (1837–1901) of Queen Victoria, it was her husband Prince Albert who was the actual promoter of taste.

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