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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HX stand for?

Acronym Definition; HX: History: HX: Heat Exchanger: HX: Human Experience: HX: Hermeneutics (theology) HX: Halifax (postcode, United Kingdom) HX: Hydrogen Exchange: HX: Half Duplex: HX: Handling Instructions (Radio traffic handling) HX: Hotline X: HX: Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes (game)

What is HX New York?

Held in conjunction with BDNY (Boutique Design New York) at Manhattan’s Javits Center, HX is where trends, tech and ops seamlessly merge. 2 Shows. 1 Roof. Your HX badge will allow access into the BDNY show floor which includes over 500 design focused vendors to help capture the inspiration behind any project improving the overall guest experience.

What is the HX hotel experience?

HX: The Hotel Experience offers countless opportunities to discover today’s must-have guest amenities and operating supplies.

What is an HX-series VM?

HX-series VMs are optimized for workloads that require significant memory capacity with twice the memory capacity as HBv4. For example, workloads such as silicon design can use HX-series VMs to enable EDA customers targeting the most advanced manufacturing processes to run their most memory-intensive workloads.

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