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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ver stand for?

A voluntary export restraint (VER) is a self-imposed limit on the quantity of a good that an exporting country is allowed to export. VERs are considered non-tariff barriers, which are restrictive...

What is the conjugation of Ver?

The Spanish verb ver means "to see" or "to watch.". Its conjugation is mostly regular, although the pattern varies in the past participle, visto (seen), and the first-person singular present, veo (I see).

What is Verver past participle?

Ver Past Participle . The past participle is used to form perfect tenses like the present perfect. Usually the past participle of -er verbs is formed with the ending -ido, but ver is irregular since its past participle is visto.

What are the compound tenses of Ver?

Compound Tenses of Ver. The perfect tenses are made by using the appropriate form of haber and the past participle, visto. The progressive tenses use estar with the gerund, viendo.

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