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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play solitaire in Las Vegas?

Liven up your Solitaire game by betting against a world wise lady dealer in a Las Vegas casino. Cards cost $1 play money each, $52 for the deck, and you are paid $5 for each card placed on the foundation stacks in Klondike or Yukon, and $2 each card in Freecell.

Which cards can be used in Vegas solitaire?

Only the card on the right can be used. If you manage to move this card to the Tableau/Foundation piles, then the card on the left is activated for use. The basic Vegas Solitaire game is hard to win.

What is classic Solitaire Vegas-Solitare games?

CLASSIC Solitaire Vegas - Classic Solitaire Card Games is the top solitaire for iphone & ipad! If you’re looking for solitaire games you can play with or without Wifi, online or offline, download solitaire games with Classic Solitaire Vegas - Solitare games! Play classic Solitaire vegas style Klondike or solitaire duel against your friends!

What's new in Vegas-style solitaire?

We begin a game of Vegas-Style Solitaire with a slightly different outlook as far as strategy is concerned, since the new rules highlight the need to score as opposed to simply solving the game. We have a new mission: Get our Aces, Deuces and Treys into their stacks and get our money back!

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