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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meritorious mast in Marine Corps?

The Meritorious Mast is a formal and ceremonial acknowlegment recognizing an enlisted person being awarded a Letter of Appreciation, Certificate of Commendation, or a personal decoration whenever personal performance is considered noteworthy or commendable beyond the usual requirements of duty by a demonstration of exceptional industry, judgment, or initiative.

Is the Marine Corp still a Department of the Navy?

The US Marine Corps is still part of the Department of the Navy, but is not part of the US Navy. Some Marines serve under Navy command and some Navy personnel serve under Marine command, but they are separate uniformed services. Being under the same department, they are more closely aligned then for example, the Army and Navy.

Is MARSOC an official unit of USMC?

MARSOC is command that covers several United States Marine Corps special operations elements (excluding those remaining Force Recon elements dedicated to USMC ops). MARSOC itself is under the umbrella of SOCOM (Special Operations Command). The Marine Raiders are MARSOC’s combat units .

How many divisions are in the Marine Corps?

There are presently four divisions in the Marine Corps. Each division has three infantry regiments and one artillery regiment. You must know which regiments are in which division because a regiment is a parent unit. The table below lists the regiments that make up the four Marine Corps divisions. What countries are Marines stationed in?

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