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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Navy and Marine Corps awards manual?

Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual This manual implements the policy established in Secretary of the Navy Instruction (SECNAVINST) 1650.1J, Department of the Navy Military Awards Policy. It includes specific criteria for each DON military award and procedures for recommending and approving awards.

What happens if a navy or Marine Corps unit receives an award nomination?

Should any Navy or Marine Corps unit receive such an award nomination, it must be immediately forwarded without endorsement to CNO(DNS-35) or CMC(MMMA) at the addresses list in Chapter 1 (6) If it is not possible to assemble a complete

What is the purpose of the military award policy manual?

Introduction a. Purpose. To provide amplifying guidance for implementing military award policy set forth in reference (a) and military award-related statutes, executive orders, and Department of Defense (DoD) regulations. b. How to Use This Manual. This manual is intended to provide award originators, administrators, reviewers, and

What is the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal 1 form?

1 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal 1 SECNAV M-1650.1 16 Aug 2019 6-4 (1) Award Recommendation Form. Prepared in accordance with Appendix 2D If the PMD is for sustained meritorious performance (e.g., an end of tour award), the form must identify the predecessor in the billet (normally another foreign military

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