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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a Marine Corps award?

(2) Marine Corps personnel who are serving as a part of the ship's detachment or otherwise designated as "ship's company" are eligible. Embarked elements of Marine Corps troops are not eligible for the award.

Can a marine be awarded a unit award?

A marine can be awarded a unit award by the united states goverment for actions or services completed in a group. The Marine Corps awards 28 decorations in the Service Award class. A marine can be awarded a service award by the united states goverment for time related actions and services.

What is the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal?

Authorization. Special Order No. 49 of 20 July 1896 established the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal (MCGCM) to recognize good behavior and faithful service in the Marine Corps. The CMC has review authority over the MCGCM and designates specific criteria for the award.

How do I submit an award inquiry to the Marine Corps?

Marine Corps veterans released from active duty with further obligated service, but not in an active drilling status (e.g., Individual Ready Reserve), may submit award inquiries to the following address: Marine Corps Mobilization Command 15303 Andrews Road Kansas City, MO 64147-1207 5.

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