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Frequently Asked Questions

Does USF have an off campus housing website?

Welcome to USF's Off-Campus Housing Website! This off-campus listing of rental units is a service provided by USF Student Government in contractual agreement with Off Campus Partners, Inc. While this list does not constitute endorsement of any rental properties, we hope that this service helps students, faculty,...

How do I schedule a housing tour at USF in Tampa?

Schedule a housing tour at USF in Tampa! Schedule a call with a USF Housing representative! Housing & Residential Education now offers a personalized housing service, Bullpen Booking, to provide scheduled, individualized assistance to those who have questions about living on campus. Book your appointment today!

How do I apply for the housing&residential education program?

Log-in to the housing portal: Verify that your information is correct. For assistance, contact the Housing & Residential Education office: 727-873-5101 or email us Select the application period you wish to apply for.

Is the USF Tampa campus full for 2022?

USF Tampa campus has reached full capacity for Spring 2022. Apply for Summer 2022 or Fall/Spring 2022-23 Housing in the Housing Portal! Review Closing Information: Residence halls close at noon on Friday, December 10.

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