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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I cancel my USF Student Housing Agreement?

In the recent addendum to the USF Student Housing Agreement, we shared that residents have until July 1 to cancel their housing agreement with no financial penalty. We now know that class schedules may not be available until the end of the third week in July.

How do I cancel my housing reservation?

Purchase meal plans, view locations, menus and more. Complete the Housing Cancellation Request form. In order to access the Cancellation Request please access the housing portal .

Will USF’s residence halls remain open during the transition to online?

You may recall that when we transitioned classes online this past spring, USF’s campuses did not close and residence halls remained open for students who needed to stay. For the 2020-2021 academic year, if the university must transition all classes online, we again intend to keep the residence halls open.

How do I cancel my online classes at FSU?

Students who find themselves in this situation after July 1 should submit a cancellation request in the housing portal on the Tampa campus or via a cancellation form for the St. Petersburg campus by August 1, indicating “All online classes” as the reason. All of the student's classes need to be online to be eligible.

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