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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 2022 USFL Draft?

They did so during the 2022 USFL Draft, which took place over two days in February, the 22nd and 23rd. The 2022 USFL Draft operated similarly to the 2019 XFL Draft.

How many players does the USFL have?

The USFL's is significantly smaller, as they have a 38-man active roster limit in addition to their seven-man practice squads. So, in total, USFL teams will carry only 45 players at any given time. That could prove problematic for teams that battle injuries.

What's new in the USFL?

The USFL will be kicking off its inaugural season this weekend, providing a spring alternative to the NFL -- which is in the midst of its offseason. For 12 weeks (10 regular season and two postseason), the USFL will provide new technological innovations and a few fun changes to football that will keep the fans intrigued.

What to wear in the USFL Philadelphia Stars?

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