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Frequently Asked Questions

What is user rating and review system?

User Rating and Review: A user rating system is a quantitative system that is represented by symbols like stars that are used to judge the quality of things like businesses, products, services, etc. Mostly user reviews will accompany the ratings to elaborate on how and why they have a positive, negative, or neutral opinion.

How many users actually give ratings and reviews on your website?

But in reality, only less than 10% of the users actually give ratings and reviews. And within this 10%, negatively impacted users are more inclined to give a review rather than positively impacted ones. So it is essential that you use some strategies to get more positive user ratings and reviews.

How to create a WordPress User Rating System site?

If you want to create a user rating website then the best way to do it is using a WordPress user rating plugin. StarCat Reviews is an advanced WordPress rating and review plugin, to easily create any kind of user rating and review system site. It has:

What is the best user rating to have on Amazon?

According to ReviewTrackers, 4.5/5 stars is the best user rating to have because it’s a very reliable score. It’s another form of point rating where every point from 1 to 10 points each carries a big difference. Especially 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5 each carry a distinct meaning. It can also be denoted by star rating.

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