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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Air Force forms and publications?

Air Force publications issue Air Force policy, guidance, and procedures that serve to inform and to assign responsibilities. Air Force forms provide an expanded capability to standardize and manage the collection, storage, retrieval, and display of data.

What is the Air Force e-publishing program?

The Air Force has transitioned from all paper-based products in the 1980s, to pubs on floppies in the 1990s, to internet served pubs in the 2000s which introduced the era of the e-Publishing program. E-Publishing encompasses online developing, formatting, posting, accessing, viewing and downloading electronic products and ordering printed media.

What is afafdpo ePUBS?

AFDPO maintains and manages the e-Publishing web site ( which is the repository for official Air Force publications and forms. The e-Pubs web site is a public website which hosts unclassified products and lists titles of classified and restricted access products.

What training does the Air Force departmental Publishing Office provide?

The Air Force Departmental Publishing Office provides in-house Adobe Forms Training and an orientation course for Headquarters Air Force Publication Change Managers and Action Officers.

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