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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the US Consulate Mumbai Open for immigrant visas?

U.S. Consulate Mumbai has resumed processing immigrant visas in all categories. We are not, however, scheduling appointments for new cases in every category. Currently, we are reaching out to applicants whose interviews were cancelled in Spring 2020, according to visa category, for rescheduling purposes.

Is the US Embassy in India open for work?

As a result of increasing infection rates and Covid deaths, the U.S. Consulates and Embassy in India have temporarily closed all operations. Regular visa appointments are not being issued either. A few, limited visa slots for are being released for non-immigrant work visas like H1-B, F1 student visa and L1.

When does the Indian Consulate Mumbai take biometric and visa interviews?

NOTE: they take a Biometric and visa interview on the same date even if the OFC date is different, so please go on the date of your consular appointment. Schedule the EA appointment. Print the appointment confirmation page. Interview date: 7th August 2020 Time: 8:30 am Place: Mumbai Consulate

How to apply for a US visa in India?

Every non-immigrant visa applicant has to first submit the online visa application Form DS-160, pay the application fee, and schedule the interview appointment by seeking the first available appointment. With most U.S. consulates in India temporarily closed, the wait times are pretty lengthy.

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